I'm a social psychologist who does interdisciplinary human computer interaction research at the University of Michigan. Throughout my career, I have always been passionate about applying my research design knowledge in a variety of new domains. For instance, I have experience ranging from conducting statistical analyses to evaluate the effectiveness of educational programs to coordinating and conducting user studies in computer science. I'm excited to bring my unique background as a relationship and emotion researcher to my work in different fields and continue conducting research that will help people to gain knowledge and to engage in adaptive positive behaviors.

Work Experience

  • Research Specialist and Lab Manager in the CroMa Lab

    I manage a large research lab (40+ members working on 15+ projects), provide research consultation, and conduct novel user studies.

  • Data Manager for the UM-IBM Sapphire Project

    I coordinate data collection, process new data, maintain data storage organization, and manage teams of student employees.

  • Data Analyst for CETL at the University of Rochester

    I conducted statistical analyses (linear and logistic regression) and co-led focus groups in order to evaluate the effectiveness of academic programs.


Research Design. Survey Research. Experimental Research. Human Factors Research. Longitudinal Research. Secondary Data Methods. Data Management. Statistics. Data Analysis.